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A Dutch limited company is to provide Dutch owners/investors a luxury 'pied à terre en France' in the Bordeaux wine area for pleasure and business. Each owner (approximately 6) will have his/her own private accommodation on the estate and will become shareholder in the operations company where the wine will be made and where the real estate will be managed and operated. The operations led by the estate manager are characterized by continuously adding value to the wine, the real estate and the quality of accommodating the owners.

Vos missions principales
The estate manager will be responsible for running all vine and wine operations from production to sales, and is expected to have overall operational responsibility for running the whole estate (vineyard and real estate), including leading and managing working staff. In the field of oenology the manager will upgrade the grape quality according to set targets, process harvests into wine and upgrade the wine quality according to set targets. In the field of production the manager will organize efficient wine grape production according to targets and organize efficient wine grape processing according to set targets. In the field of operating results of the vineyard the manager should achieve a growing profit margin through the pursuit of consistent quality upgrade and price-adjustment strategy. Although for the day to day caring for the accommodation and looking after the owners/guests, a separate hospitality person will be needed, the estate manager will be responsible for the operating results of the real-estate. The estate manager will achieve an optimum setting of the estate in which the owners feel private, safe and at home and where their family, friends and business partners feel welcome. In the field of operating results of the real estate, the estate manager is responsible for achieving a situation where a profit margin is achieved through operations and increasing the value of the estate. The estate manager will become shareholder and can earn more shares each year depending on if set targets are achieved.

Profil recherché
• has 8 to 10 years experience managing a wine estate (viticulture, winemaking, sales and administration), preferably in the Bordeaux area, which can be checked through references • can speak French and English fluently • have proven experience with negotiating contracts and with all financial and administrative aspects of winemaking and estate management • is hard working, ambitious, open to change and new ideas in winemaking and estate management • is able to create synergy with local actors in creating possible activities for local communities with and at the estate • is excellent with MS programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint • will live on the estate The partner of the estate manager could possibly fulfill the role of hospitality person.

Conditions d'embauche
• first interviews can take place between 3-9 May 2008 in the Bordeaux area • more and second interviews can take place in spring and summer 2008 • by end of summer 2008 the best 3 candidates will be selected for the final phase • during the final phase of the selection process, candidates are also expected to help and advice in the search for appropriate Chateaux-vineyards and (when possible) visit them together with the initiative directors of the company ; this phase is expected to last until fall 2008 • at the latest by end of fall 2008, the most suitable match between the estate manager, the estate, and the prospect owners will be made. It is therefore also in the interest of the candidate to help find the most suitable estate • as soon as prospect owners have given their approval for the venture, a contract can be given to the chosen estate manager, expected end of fall 2008. Therefore candidates with legal notice much longer than 6 months will be almost impossible candidates • it is expected that by spring 2009 the estate manager can start working and will become shareholder • the total setting-up of the operation should be completed by end spring 2009

Applications under ref. VR0806 : Send CV with references and cover letter (all documents in English) online on or to VINEA RECRUTEMENT, 650 rue Henri Becquerel, 34000 Montpellier. Vinea Recruitment will forward to the employer the applications matching the required profile.

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